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I love fantasy tabletop roleplaying games. Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition was my first meaningful exposure to the hobby and I loved every bit of it. In fact, the more I look at 4th edition now, the more I appreciate it and wish it was better received. I very much appreciate the similarities between it and Pathfinder 2e.

In addition to the videos I create on my YouTube channel, I use this newsletter to share more details about what I am doing with the hobby and have general TTRPG discussions with the community. If it has to do with Tabletop Roleplaying Games, I am all over it.

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Tabletop Roleplaying Games are all about community. Interacting with others that share the same interests.

I share content I create such as the D&D 4e form-fillable character sheet as well as encounter prompts and even maps.

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Nope. I post a ton of stuff over on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe to the channel and leave your comments on the videos I post.

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I talk about Dungeons and Dragons. Mostly fourth edition.